At Delta, we believe that there is valuable information left out of traditional financial reporting.  A financial reporting process should be a seamless system that creates a uniform understanding from management, all the way through to the lender.  Everyone should have a clear understanding of the company’s current financial position and the actions needed to achieve success. We offer a valuable modeling system facilitates this and creates opportunities for companies to have access to capital and prosper.

Our Clients Are…


Our clients fall into two categories, growth companies and stressed companies.

Growth companies – these are companies that are trying to achieve an aggressive growth rate. They face the challenge of needing financing both now and in the future.  They need a strong banking relationship that understands the growth challenges and dynamic financing needs.

Stressed Companies – these are companies that are under pressure.  The pressure usually comes from the financial institutions and can range from suggestions that financial performance needs to improve to added focus and questions around a forward-looking financial plan, or even aggressive pressure when a company is in work-out and the bank usually is looking for the company to seek financing from another lender or face some sort of foreclosure proceedings.

How do we achieve results?


We deliver financial modeling systems that are second to none.  This a constant improvement process that makes and keeps the company on the lender’s “A” list, not just in prosperous times, but also in challenging times, knowing that everyone has the same understanding of financial results and risk management.

What are the actual results?


Growth companies – We help growth companies by mapping out a forward-looking financial strategy.  This includes creating a reporting system that measures performance against this plan and identifying the deviations from the plan with corresponding corrective actions needed to get back on track. It may also include finding the right lending relationship. The result –  growth companies that achieve or exceed their goals.

Stressed companies – We help stressed companies by planning out a forward-looking financial strategy that will get the company back on a strong performance track and find a new lender where appropriate.  We help these companies understand the bank lending constraints and find creative financing structures and alternatives to strengthen the company’s financial position.  The result – a pathway to financial stability.

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