Calibrating Cash

Through thoughtful and intentional financial planning The Delta Group will ensure your cash position calibrates directly with your strategic business plan. The Delta Group’s tools enable deep financial visibility yet simplify the process to mitigate risk and engage financing sources needed to grow.

Specifically, The Delta Group develops a forward looking cash strategy that both leverages internal cash from operations & accesses external cash from the lending market when needed.

Internal cash
How do you build the cash flow from operations?  We use a forward looking financial model that not only accurately forecasts your net income but also forecasts your EBIDA (Earnings Before Depreciation and Amortization). The excess EBIDA (cash flow) over your debt service is your cash flow that you control. Knowing your current and projected excess cash flow and finding ways to maximize it gives you control over your future.

External cash
How do you maximize the opportunities in the lending market?”   We focus on optimizing your debt structure with the collateral and cash flow of the organization. Expertise in debt structures and managing risk is key here. TDG specializes in matching the right lender with the opportunity for an optimal transaction. The lending market is not a “one size fits all” transaction so you can’t treat it as such.

Cash strategy
How do you leverage these two into a forward looking strategy?”  This builds on the internal and external cash flow and focuses on creating a strategy to leverage your excess cash. This is often a balance of using cash to 1. revitalize the company, products services or operations, 2. funding growth or change and 3. managing distributions or ROI (Return On Investment)

We have developed an inventory of highly successful models that forecast, control, and communicate internal cash, external cash and the cash strategy with simplicity.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” – Leonardo da Vinci.

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