All of our clients benefit from our unique financial modeling system which incorporates an accurate forecast modeling system and reports that easily measures current financials against the forecasted benchmarks.  It also includes other powerful tools such as a cash projection tool, a borrowing base calculation module, ratios and metrics analysis.  Everything is packaged in an Excel file that makes it easy to understand and communicate financial performance with clarity and confidence.

Data Analytics

Our clients also benefit from our data analytics for management and systems building techniques that reduce financial success to metrics and charts that make it quick and easy to track progress in many different areas.  We customize this reporting to your company and help management track and understand data like never before.  Now, everyone in management can clearly understand their role and impact on the overall financial results.  Accountability is created through data analytics measurement. 

Bank Reporting and Structure

Bank reporting is the cornerstone in getting access to capital.  Our modeling system puts your financials into ratios that are built into your loan documents and monitored internally at the bank.  This system creates transparency of the key financial ratios that are watched closely by your bank.  Communicating on their terms give you the confidence of understanding how you rate with the bank. It also gives the bank confidence that you are watching the key financial ratios that are important to their risk management.  We also can help you find the right lender and loan structure to maximize your company’s opportunities for success.

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