Beyond the Traditional CFO

In every company, there is a job to be done, and that job is strategic cash management.  Strategic cash management consists of two components, internal cash (generating and strategizing cash flow from operations) and external cash (access to capital with managed risk). The Delta Group has a specialized modeling process that does this job the best, strategizing cash flow from operations and getting access to capital with managed risk.



We Help You Grow. With smart planning, in-depth financial visibility & access to capital. Every company needs to find a way to balance cash demands and cash forecasts with their business strategy. The Delta Group specializes in “calibrating cash constraints”, aligning your business strategy with your cash strategy. We have developed innovative tools and methods for aligning cash generated from operations (internal cash) with access to capital (external cash from lenders and investors). This in-depth financial visibility will give you the confidence to know that you that cash will be there.

Financial Reporting and Monitoring

Our modeling system helps companies to easily measure financial performance and manage cash requirements.

Access to Capital

How well you manage your financial structure, financial reporting, and ratios will ultimately determine your access to financing.

Data Analytics

Making sound financial decisions means understanding the numbers and making a commitment to continuously reviewing those numbers.

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