External Cash

Financial Structure

The correct debt structure is critically important and when done right, manages risk in itself.  Many times, events cause the design of the correct structure to change, now it’s time to recognize when it’s time to change and what the new structure needs to be to eliminate constraints.

Financial Reporting

Being on target creates confidence. A financial forecast tells lenders that you have a vision and here is what it looks like.  It’s the measuring stick that defines how well you know your business and this measuring stick is what they will use to build confidence in your business model. This is your opportunity to build confidence in the lending relationship. Certainty in the forecast manages risk. How well do you manage certainty and risk in your lending relationship?

Ratios and Metrics

Financial statement ratios allow you to compare two companies that would otherwise not be comparable. The ratios used in credit analysis allow a lender to measure the many different companies in their portfolio to understand their risk rating. Companies with a better rating will get more access to capital.  Knowing your company’s risk rating and the composition of this rating is critically important to making business decisions that always allow you access to financing.

Access to Capital with Managed RiskFlow

How well you manage your financial structure, financial reporting, and ratios will ultimately determine your access to financing.



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